Performance Guarantee

What is the Performance Guarantee?

The Bayer Performance Guarantee is a product replacement guarantee, that assures you, our customer, that should a product you purchase not perform to label claims, Bayer will replace that product with your choice of either the same product, or a comparable product from within our range (to equal value).

The Performance Guarantee covers all products sold into the Professional Pest Control and Professional Turf Management markets.

A full list of applicable products are listed below:

Professional Pest Products:

  • Antmaster
  • Aqua-K-Othrine
  • Cislin 25
  • Coopex Residual Insecticide
  • Coopex Dust
  • Crackdown
  • Ficam W
  • Maxforce Original Cockroach Gel
  • Maxforce Fusion
  • Maxforce Gold
  • Maxforce Activ
  • Maxforce Quantum
  • Perigen Defence
  • Premise 200SC
  • QuickBayt Spray
  • Rodilon
  • Starycide
  • Tempo
  • Temprid75

Terms & Conditions

Claimants' rights under this Bayer Performance Guarantee are in addition to and are not intended to, in anyway, detract from or limit any rights under the Australian Consumer Law or any other applicable laws.

Conditions for this Bayer 100% Product Replacement Guarantee are listed below:

  • Claims must be made within 6 months of purchase of the product
  • Claimants must be able to provide proof or purchase and batch number of product used
  • Product must remain within its 'use by' date at the time the application is made
  • Claimants must email Bayer with full details of claim (as per Terms & Conditions listed)
  • Claimants must have applied the product as per label directions and be willing to discuss the situation and circumstances relating to the application of the product with a Bayer representative.
  • Where applicable, claimants must be appropriately licensed to apply the products.

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