Pest Talk

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Quantum Ant bait

Dave Wilson from The Pest Shop shows us the fast uptake of the liquid bait from the Ants in the area.

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Cockroaches feeding on Maxforce Fusion - Commercial

This video shows the use of Maxforce Fusion in a commercial situaion.

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Agenda bait in use

This video shows the successful termite colony elimination using Agenda.

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Maxforce Fusion and the benefits

Sentinel Pest Control talk about Maxforce Fusion and what the benefits have been for his company when using the gel bait.

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Maxforce Fusion baiting

Dennis from Pest Free Sydney shows us how fast acting and effective Maxforce Fusion is with cockroaches especially nymphs.

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The Pest Control Shop use Temprid and Maxforce Fusion

Dave from The Pest Control Shop talks us through a job where he used Temprid and Maxforce Fusion and the results he got.

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Premise liquid spray

Action Pest Control explain the effectiveness of premise and the customer satisfaction with the product.

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Bug busters R Us talk food sources and harbourage areas

Nino takes us through treating harbourage areas, targeting food sources for pests and well as treatments.

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Termites R Us Maxforce

Termites R Us talks us through how Maxforce fusion has helped their company to bring infestations of cockroaches under control.

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Action Pest Control uses Agenda Termite bait

Action pest control talk about how the Agenda termite baiting system has helped them bring termites under control and how easy the product is to use and install.

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GM Pests

GM pest solutions is a small pest control company situated in Melbourne, in this video they talk about how Bayer as a brand has helped them not only build ...

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Peninsula Pest Control

Peninsula pest control explain since they started using Bayers Premise product they haven’t had any problems with jobs where they have used it.

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Sara's Pest Control

Here Saras Pest Control company talks about the effectiveness of Coopex dust and the customer satisfaction when they see the pest control that the dust brings once applied.

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Sentinel Pest Control

Sentinel Pest Control explain how to use of Bayer’s agenda termite baiting system.

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Nathaly Pesty Girls

Pesty Girls Pest Management talk to use about why they changed from Maxforce Gold to Maxforce Fusion cockroach gel bait and what they thought of the switch of product, was it as good as the previous gel bait.

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Temprid 75 pesticide to control an ant infestation

Mick Lavelle talks us through a recent job where he used Temprid 75 pesticide to control an ant infestation.

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McKenna Pest Control

Michael O’Halloran from McKenna Pest Control talks about the effectiveness of bringing pests under control, he found it extremely effective when using it to control ant infestations.

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Temprid 75 – GM Pest Control

GM Pest Control explain how they used Temprid 75 in a commercial job and details the effectiveness of Temprid 75 to bring a sever cockroach infestation under control almost immediately.

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Temprid 75 – Environmental Pest Technologies

Environmental Pest Technologies talks through the use of Temprid 75 as an initial treatment spray in conjunction with other baits and how effective it was as an initial treatment option.

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Bayer Amplify Temprid in use

During this video multiple pest control companies explain the effectiveness of Temprid 75 when using it the product and some of the unique features that Temprid has and why they choose this pesticide over other pesticides.