About Bayer Amplify

As a Bayer customer you’re entitled to our support to grow your business. The free Bayer Amplify program helps you and your team to offer customer-winning service, reduce call backs, increase profits and enhance your reputation.

What do you get?

Bayer Amplify assists you and your team to offer customer-winning service through:

  • Training courses available only to Bayer customers to increase your knowledge or refresh skills.
  • Courses range from basic to advanced.
  • New courses in development all the time.
  • Learn online or at our training centre. 

Bayer Amplify helps you to retain customers and find new customers with:

  • Free customisable marketing materials – that automatically add your logo and address details.
  • Bespoke marketing resources – you can redeem your Bayer marketing budget on.
  • Access to experienced marketing and advertising professionals work one-on-one with you to design what you want to get results.
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