Agenda® Termite Baiting System

Why do this course?

The unique and innovative Agenda Termite Baiting System has been developed to extend and complement Bayer’s existing termite. Comprehensive training to understand how to best treat for termites is key. This is a high risk service as damages to the property can be extensive if not treated effectively.

This course covers:

  • Mode of action
  • Setting and communicating customer expectations
  • How to prepare the bait (foil pouch baiting system offering flexibility) for use in on-ground and in-ground stations, also as an above-ground station.
  • Innovative on-ground bait stations (can also be used as above-ground bait Stations).
  • In-ground bait stations (the standard for aggregating termites for 15+ years)
  • Key performance indicators for colony elimination
  • Tips for pest controllers

Course Overview

Slides: 20
Videos: 10
Test: Yes
Estimated time to complete: 1+ hrs