Aqua K-Othrine® Insecticide Space-Spray Concentrate

Why do this course?

Treating for flying insects is a regular request for home owners. The better you know how to use Aqua K-Othrine® Insecticide Space-Spray Concentrate the better.

The application of chemicals requires your attention to every detail, whether it be the mixing of the chemical, checking the calibration of any equipment you use and making sure you are wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE).

This course covers:

  • detailed information on Aqua K-Othrine Insecticide Space-Spray Concentrate
  • the traditional methods for space-spraying include:
    • thermal fogging – whereby insecticide is vaporised at high temperature, producing a dense cloud of fine droplets (giving the appearance of a thick fog).
    • ultra low volume (ULV) – whereby droplets are produced by mechanical means into small droplets.
  • the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of spray treatment
  • the types of equipment you could choose for your treatments.

Course Overview

Slides: 14
Videos: 15
Test: Yes
Estimated time to complete: 50 mins