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Homeowners have a few responsibilities to ensure their warranties are valid.

Annual timber pest inspections

Homeowners are responsible for organising annual timber pest inspections. Usually, inspections are done at least two weeks before the warranty expires. The Kordon Warranty Centre will send out reminder emails (that’s why it is so important we have current homeower details) when expiration is close. Encourage homeowners to call you if they see any signs of termites. You too could send reminders.

Renewing a Bayer Protection Warranty

Homeowners have the responsibility to update their Bayer Protection Warranty when it expires. The Kordon Warranty Centre will send reminder emails when their warranties are close to expiring. When a homeowner does renew their warranty, they will need to send the Kordon Warranty Centre a timber pest inspection report provided by you, the inspector.

Payment of the Bayer Protection Warranty

There are two different ways a homeowner can make their $99 annual payments.

Watch the video to hear Daryle explain the two methods.

Click here or on the video to view.

Updating homeowner details

It is important that warranties are to be registered to the current homeowner. Homeowners that move into a new residence can update their details online, all they need is their installation number.

Installation numbers are printed on stickers that are usually found in the meter box or under the sink. Once they have their installation number, they can update their details online. If a homeowner has trouble updating details online, they can call the Kordon Warranty Centre [1800 552 802] and update their details over the phone.

New sticker

Old sticker

Stickers are usually found in the meter box or under the sink.


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