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The Bayer Protection Warranty offers real, long-term customers for you pest control business.

Benefits of being a Bayer accredited timber pest inspector (BATPI)

The Bayer Protection Warranty offers opportunity to build ongoing income against any future economic mood swings. Being a timber pest inspector, you have many benefits you may not be aware of.

Long-term customers

As a part of the Bayer Protection Warranty, homeowners require annual termite inspections before they can renew/purchase a Bayer Protection Warranty. These regular inspections safeguard their property from termite damage and ensure that any changes they have made during the warranty period, such as adding sheds, extensions and so on have not been detrimental to their termite protection cover. There is also an opportunity to offer added pest control services.

If you become a Bayer Accredited Kordon installer there is opportunity for ongoing work with construction companies, installing Kordon pre-construction work.

Support from Bayer

If you’re a BATPI we offer comprehensive support, which includes a comprehensive training program and the warranty on the installation. Your company will be added to our list of Bayer Accredited Timber Pest Inspectors, to which we direct customers who are looking for an accredited timber pest inspector.

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Lifetime value of a single homeowner*

InstallationYour annual inspection fee
Year 1 $250
Year 2 $250
Year 3 $250
Year 4 $250
10-year total

* Based on an approximate figure of $250 per inspection. This cost is at your own discretion.

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