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Often a homeowner may not know their installation number. There are a few simple steps to search on the Kordon Warranty Centre website.


1. Log in.
2. Type in the installation number if you have one.
3. If no installation number, try their property address, only putting in the street name (or part of), or suburb.

Remember, less is more. The more specific you are, the harder it is to find as the property is not always entered in with the right spelling. Often the entry may only have the lot number. You can ask the homeowner if they have the lot number to search for.

Watch the video to see the steps involved to search for installation numbers in the Bayer Kordon Warranty Centre website.

And remember, the Kordon Warranty Centre is available to help, so please call if you still cannot locate the installation.

Click here or on the video to view.

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