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Bayer Best Practice Procedure training – Cockroaches
Learn best practice for cockroach control in any situation, to ensure you get control and provide a quality service.


Bayer Best Practice Procedure training – Ants
Complete the course and learn Bayers simple four-step process to use when treating ants in any domestic property.


Termite bait installation
Get an overview of termites in Australia then look at termite bait installation, specifically with the Agenda Termite Baiting System from Bayer.

Importance of pest management

Level: 1

Importance of Pest Management

Pest control as an industry has an important role in protecting our society. This course provides an excellent overview of the reasons the pest control industry exists. Get the stats, get the facts, get the reasons and get rid of the pests.

Integrated pest management – IPM (A1240)

Level: 1

This course gives pest control technicians a basic understanding of integrated pest management (IPM) as an effective and environmentally sensitive way to manage pests. The days of formula-type approaches to pest control are gone. IPM offers sustainable pest control and is in keeping with customer needs. Get started with the basics here.