Developing a Tribute programme for Crowsfoot control

Developing a Tribute programme for Crowsfoot control must take into account the size of the crowsfootgrass plants and the mowing height of the couchgrass. Tribute has been successfully used for Crowsfoot control in the USA for many years and research from there gives us some good guidelines;

Large plants in high cut turf

Best results are from two applications of Tribute at 2L/ha tank mixed with Metribuzin at 0.28Kg/ha

Small plants (up to 3 tiller) in high cut turf

2–3 sequential Tribute applications at 2L/ha, 14 days apart, on plants up to 3 tiller size.

Crowsfoot on couchgrass greens

  • The most effective treatment program tested on mature crowsfootgrass on golf course greens was;
    • three applications of Tribute at 2L/ha plus sprayable ammonium sulphate at 4.5kg/ha and methylated seed oil (MSO) surfactant added at 1%
    • applied three times (14, and 56 days after the initial treatment for the repeat applications).
  • Tribute is quickly metabolized by healthy couchgrass but stress reduces the speed
    • Avoid stress to greens within 1 week of application
  • moisture stress
  • mechanical injury, such as verticutting or aerification

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