Spring dead spot

The Spring Dead Spot fungus is active in many areas of Australia. The late finish to summer may keep the fungus active longer than on other years. The fungus starts to colonize couchgrass roots when soil temperatures fall to around 24°C. This is good timing for the first fungicide application. The second application should be made approximately 4 weeks later and before soil temperatures fall below 16°C.

NSW Soil Temp oC
Campbelltown 21
Canberra 19.1
Griffith 24.6
Mudgee 21.3
Scone 22
Sydney Airport 20
Tamworth 21.7
Wagga Wagga 20.9
Melbourne Airport 20
Mildura 26
Tatura 19.8
Brisbane Airport 27
Bundaberg 28.6
Longreach 27.2
Roma 23.1
South Johnstone 29.8
Walkamin 27.5
Warwick 22.8
Carnarvon 30
Eucla 21
Medina 27
Merredin 27
Witchcliffe 23.8
Adelaide Airport 24
Kadina 23.8
Kent Town 25.6
Loxton 26.1
Minnipa RS 24.4
Nuriootpa 24
Roseworthy 23.8
Bushy Park 17.3
Cressy 20.2
Hobart Airport 18
Melton Mowbray 16
Ross 18
Scottsdale 18.6

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Send an e-mail or photograph to jyri.kaapro@bayer.com if you have any experiences of turf with either of these symptoms.




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