Dry Winter and Insect Activity

Winter weather can have different impact on overwintering insects depending on where they are located. Insects deeper in the soil may be buffered from extreme changes in temperature compared with insects above the ground in leaf litter. Highly soil moisture levels can increase the activity of fungal pathogens which may kill insects in the soil. The dry winter in the eastern states may mean that more insects have survived the winter and are ready to start activity as soon as the weathers starts to warms up. Scouting normally high pressure areas, checking mower baskets, monitoring bird activity and keeping an eye on hard surfaces like paths and roads can help pick up the first signs of insect activity. A good integrated insect management plan should be in place to keep populations under threshold levels while managing for the risk of insecticide resistance development.

Send an e-mail or photograph to jyri.kaapro@bayer.com if you have any experiences of turf with either of these symptoms.




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