How often should I apply fungicides containing Stressgard® Formulation Technology?

A common question we are asked  is, “How often should I apply fungicides containing Stressgard® Formulation Technology?”

As with the application of all products this depends on individual circumstances. Factors such as climate, grass type, growth rate, disease pressure, stress pressure are some of the most important.
Basic guidelines are;

  • Applications are best started leading up to the stress period
  • Early in the season with reduced stress the application can have a wider interval (e.g. every 3 weeks)
  • As stress increases it may become necessary to shorten the application interval (e.g. every 2 weeks)
  • Applications on a weekly cycle are done in high pressure periods by some golf courses. These are safe on the turfgrass and we do see positive benefits
  • Signature Stressgard® will give Pythium protection without being watered in. It can be applied with another foliar fungicide to give complete coverage for all foliar diseases in addition to the Pythium control.
  • Reserve® Stressgard is a good tank mix partner to give Stressgard benefits and also valuable for resistance management
  • Exteris Stressgard® contains a new and unique active ingredient from the SDHI mode of action group, Exteris provides outstanding broad-spectrum disease control and gives turf managers great application flexibility due to Leaf-Cote technology.
  • Interface® Stressgard contains a unique combination of iprodione and trifloxystrobin to provide all stage disease protection that prevents, cures and eradicates disease pathogens. 
  • All products formulated with Stressgard Formulation Technology have excellent turf safety, and can be used with confidence, even when conditions are challenging and turf is under stress. 

Rotation of Signature Stressgard®,  Exteris Stressgard®, Interface® Stressgard and Reserve® Stressgard on a regular frequency will ensure you get the maximum benefits of Stressgard® Formulation Technology.

See this video for an explanation of Stressgard® Formulation Technology

Send an e-mail or photograph to if you have any experiences of turf with either of these symptoms.




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