Poa annua plants

As we head into autumn air temperatures start to fall and couchgrass growth slows. It is at this time that Poa annua plants become evident. The assumption may be that these plants have recently germinated. We are increasingly seeing the presence of large Poa annua plants present at this time of the year and its more likely that these are perennial strains of Poa annua which have survived the summer and blended into the actively growing couch until now.

The use of post-emergent herbicides in autumn will aid in the control of these plants before temperatures get cool and reduce the effectiveness of the herbicides. A good Poa annua management programme will integrate pre-emergent herbicides with post-emergent herbicides while rotating or preferably mixing mode of action groups where possible.

Send an e-mail or photograph to jyri.kaapro@bayer.com if you have any experiences of turf with either of these symptoms.




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